The mission of The Academy at Family Insight is to partner with LCS educators to provide individualized therapeutic day treatment and an alternative education to students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade level.

The Academy at Family Insight

In August 2018, mental health intervention and treatment provider Family Insight, P.C. began a partnership with Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) to serve the unique needs of at-risk youth from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Academy at Family Insight is a specialty public school program that merges the experience of Family Insight’s counseling staff with the dedication of certified teachers to provide therapeutic day treatment for students in real classroom settings. Slightly abbreviated school hours are observed for each grade level, ensuring that meaningful therapeutic relationships are formed, appropriate goals are set, and real progress is measured.

This innovative merger between academics and behavioral-mental health management is ideal for students who have not found success in the traditional school setting. The Academy’s evidence-based therapeutic curriculum includes:

  • Classrooms of 5-6 students
  • One teacher per classroom and one counselor per three-to-five students (depending on needs)
  • A clinical supervisor, a program manager, licensed professional counselors
  • One-on-one interactions (as needed) with counselors that teach strategies to reduce stress and redirect behavior
  • Monthly visits from an art therapist
  • Therapeutic indoor and outdoor recreational activities that develop social and emotional skills as well as strategies to manage impulse control and aggression
  • Weekly communication with families about student progress, make suggestions, and gain insight into a student’s background
  • Regular meetings between clinical supervisor and LCS representative to discuss student placement, progress, as well as planning for high school students’ futures

Contact & School Info

Contact Information

School Address
111 Candlewood Court
Lynchburg, VA 24502
Please contact Katherine Worsham for more information or questions:
Phone: (434) 616-6762


High school:
7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Elementary and middle schools:
8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


“To partner with Lynchburg City School educators (LCS) to provide individualized therapeutic day treatment and an alternative education to students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade level.”


“To create a sense of belonging and pride within students of all ages, to help children across all levels of need achieve personal success by providing appropriate emotional and educational resources, and eventually, to reintegrate children into a public school setting and have them be successful.”

Philosophy & Approach

Specialized resources in a normalized setting.

As a practiced, evidence-based and people-centered organization, Family Insight knows that the only way to achieve its vision is to create a realistic educational experience for children. Educational goals cannot be met in a restrictive setting no matter what type of student, and all children deserve to feel a sense of normalcy, stability and opportunity through their teachers and their schools. All children deserve access not just to baseline resources, but to sophisticated resources that meet their unique needs and help them discover success.


Nina Dillon, Ph.D., LPC

Site Director

Capella University, Ph.D. in Human Services
The College of William and Mary, M.Ed in Community/Agency and Substance Abuse Counseling
Clemson University, B.A. in Psychology

Dr. Dillon has nearly twenty years of counseling experience. Her background includes management and leadership positions in community mental health, youth residential care, and school-based mental health. Dr. Dillon specializes in childhood and family therapy with a focus on attachment-based and trauma-informed care. Dr. Dillon is a Certified Family Trauma Professional and has experience working with children and youth who have been impacted by trauma. Previous job experience includes outpatient, case management, social work, and supervisory positions. In addition to direct practice, she has served on the faculty of Southern New Hampshire University. Her goal is to provide excellent clinical care to the youth and families of the community through evidence-based, collaborative care.


Katherine Worsham, MA LPC

Clinical Supervisor

Chelsea Ogden, M.S. ED., NCC, LPC

Therapeutic Day Treatment Program Manager